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Jrana Tours Morocco is owned by a Berber team from the Sahara desert that specialize for several years for organizing tours and excursions in Morocco and discovering the beauty of Morocco.
In our tours, travellers discover the charm that hides the desert to live and spend time with local people. We speak English, Spanish,French and Arabic, and of course, Berber. Jrana Tours Morocco team enjoy the simplicity of life in the desert and finds great satisfaction in revealing the quiet south travellers.
Jrana Tours Morocco have many years of experience guiding travellers through Morocco and we are a gentle and patient, knowledgeable and attentive team who has the qualities that make us a very competent company, sure you will discover the real Morocco.

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Rue Moulay Abdellah, Marrakech, Morocco

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Our main goal is to provide our guests with the best personalized service and a truly memorable Morocco travel experience. 24/7 emergency contact, so should anything arise, we will be on hand to assist you at any time.

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We want you and your loved ones to feel comfortable with every part of the travel process.

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Morocco has many tourist attractions to satisfy the traveler who goes for the first time in its beautiful cities. For a first visit it is normal to worry about how to make the most of your stay in the country: where to go, what to see. Just send us an email or call us. So we can naildown exactly what looking to do.

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After the initial contact we will create the best itinerary based on your ideas and requiremants. Or just choose one of your the best tours and excursions above.

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At this point. nothing is set in stone. We will tweak and refine until your trip is exactly how you want it. we are the morocco destination experts and we are here for you. Your Opinion Although Interesting, Is Irrelevant.

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